Megan Basham

The king welcomes Megan Basham, culture reporter for The Daily Wire, frequent contributor to Morning Wire, and Rotten Tomatoes-approved movie critic. We talk about Megan’s battle for the soul of American Evangelicalism and its growing embrace of wokeness. Megan previously served as entertainment editor and podcast co-host for World Magazine, and has been published in The Wall Street Journal, National Review, and Townhall.

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  1. Boethius1261972 Coolidge

    Great conversation.  I spent a number of years as an Evangelical before becoming Catholic, so I too am familiar with how things used to be among Evangelicals.  I graduated from John MacArthur’s college in California so I know him well.  I noticed you did not ask Megan about the fact that the Daily Wire’s male General Counsel is now “married” to Spencer Klavan (who as I am sure you know is prominent at the Claremont Institute and whose more famous father is prominent at Ricochet and even more so at the Daily Wire) both of whom I believe claim to be Evangelical Christians of some sort.  Talk about Evangelicalism going woke and losing its soul.  I’m hoping Claremont and the Daily Wire don’t end up losing theirs either.  Maybe you could ask her about this next time.

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  2. Thaddeus Wert Coolidge
    Thaddeus Wert

    Very nice conversation! I’m a fan of Megan’s cultural reporting at Daily Wire.

    So nice to hear The Choir get a shoutout! I loved all of their albums in the 90s, and you are correct – they are one of the few CCM bands whose music holds up. I remember seeing listening guides that recommended CCM artists: “listen to so and so if you like Oasis”, etc. Embarrassing.

    Another talented but relatively unknown genius in CCM around that time was Jeremy Post. He made a couple of albums under the moniker Black-Eyed Sceva that were pretty good, then a stone-cold masterpiece as Model Engine, entitled The Lean Years Tradition. Then he disappeared, never to be heard from again. Here’s the opening track, “Hang You Upside Down”:


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