M. Zuhdi Jasser: 20 Years After 9/11

The King of Stuff talks with M. Zuhdi Jasser, M.D., President of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy and host of the “REFORM THIS!” podcast on Blaze Radio. Dr. Jasser is a former US Navy Lieutenant-Commander, founder of Take Back Islam, Co-Founder of the Muslim Reform Movement, and Author of A Battle for the Soul of Islam.

We talk about Biden’s terrible withdrawal from Afghanistan, US strategies to counter Islamism, and lessons learned 20 years after the 9/11 attacks. Then Jon talks about the blockbuster news on the Wuhan lab leak hypothesis.

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  1. JennaStocker Member

    This was just an amazing discussion. Thank you for having Dr. Jasser as a guest. Like Jon, I’ve been following his work for a while since working at CSP and doing periphery research on Islamism. It amazes me that people have been warning about this for decades, yet not much has been done to counter the threat it poses to our national cohesion and national security. Bravo to Dr. Jasser for his continued work. Great podcast!

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  2. Susan Quinn Contributor
    Susan Quinn

    Thanks, Jon. I’ve probably heard Dr. Jasser as many times as you have over the years! But he had some additional information. I love his cause, but am not optimistic about his future success. He has so much working against him. Thanks for giving him a voice.

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