Kmele Foster

The King of Stuff welcomes Kmele Foster, host of The Fifth Column podcast and Lead Producer of Freethink Media. Jon and Kmele discuss Kanye’s chances in 2020, Jo Jorgenson’s tweet heard ’round the libertarian world, and race in the current moment.

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  1. colleenb Member

    Thanks for the interview. I enjoy the under 60 minute format and focusing in on one guest – especially one as interesting as Mr. Foster. I will try his podcast but, come on, second best before the flagship Ricochet podcast? I think Mr. Lileks, et al, may pull your Ricochet card. Heh.

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  2. JennaStocker Member

    This was a good conversation. I’m glad Ricochet is highlighting intelligent voices rising on the right and offer new perspectives on current cultural and political issues. They are the future leaders and it’s important to hear their philosophical takes – and of course musical interests! I particularly appreciated the Kanye talk. There’s a growing movement of people in the arts/entertainment industry being coerced into compliance with a singular viewpoint. Monolithic thought is the enemy of creativity. Odd how Hollywood/literary community/performing arts laud the idea of pushing boundaries and expanding culture through novel ideas – unless it’s ideas they deem ‘problematic’.

    Well done!

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