Hilaria New Year

The King of Stuff flies solo to ring out the old year and ring in the new. Jon chats about New Year’s rituals, bad architecture, politics infecting religion, and COVID infecting churches. Subscribe to the King of Stuff Spotify playlist featuring picks from Jon and his guest. This week Jon selects “Can’t Go Wrong Without You” by His Name Is Alive.

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  1. Sal Member

    @johngabriel, was it Bismarck who said “you may not be interested in the Balkans, but the Balkans are interested in you”? Well, most people are not interested in the daffy ideological impositions of the left but the left sure is interested in them. The brook-no-opposition lefties are in our toilets, in our shower heads, in our light bulbs, in our dishwashers, in our cars, in our home heating systems, in our kids pajamas (all-cotton PJs for kids have to be sold as “underwear” because some neglected kid got burned in his cotton pajama somewhere), in our cars, in our guns, everywhere. If you’re not paying attention you’re about to be mugged by a Bolshie diktat.

    Unfortunately, gone are the days that Dr. Johnson described in: “How small, of all that human hearts endure,
    That part which laws or kings can cause or cure.
    Still to ourselves in every place consign’d,
    Our own felicity we make or find:” He could not never have imagine the power of the administrative state to harass us.

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  2. RebeccaCoffey Thatcher

    Hello to Calvin the Wonder Beagle. I think he made beautiful music!

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