David Reaboi: ‘You Need to Know What Time It Is’

The King of Stuff talks with David Reaboi, Senior Fellow with the Claremont Institute, strategic communications consultant, and national security expert. He writes at his Substack, Late Republic Nonsense, where he often invokes the phrase “You need to know what time it is.” Jon and David discuss our current political moment and the stubborn resistance of the old guard to face it.

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There are 4 comments.

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  1. The Sampo Inactive
    The Sampo

    Great show.  I’m afraid I do know what time it is.

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  2. DrewInWisconsin, Oaf Member
    DrewInWisconsin, Oaf

    Enjoyable discussion, and I probably say that because Reaboi is telling me what I already think.

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  3. RufusRJones Member

    The hearing about Huma Abedin’s security issues has always bugged me. Absolutely nothing was resolved in that damn thing. Keith Ellison started bawling his eyes out and John McCain got really mad, and not one damn thing was resolved. In fact, I even asked David about it on Twitter and he said I was right. 

    They just pushed her through because she was too close to the ruling class or she actually was in it already. 

    She never ever should  have  been so high up in government.


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  4. StevenWilliams Listener

    Excellent review of where so many of us are. Did not trust Donald Trump in 2016 as was an unknown, was he merely a Democrat in Republican clothes like so many of the old guard. Also unsure he would abide by the Constitution or “rule” by “phone and pen”. As I watched how he administered the office my concerns dissipated. 

    Watched “Uncle Tom” last night, Larry Elder’s film, at the end the interviewees noted the Black community should be low hanging fruit for the Republican party, but they don’t even try or help out i.e. Carol Swain for mayor. The same ones that could not get past a tweet or the leak that Trump was upset over the way he was being treated by press and justice when his admin did not attempt to block the Russian collusion investigation, reject attempting to reach out to the Black community and putting resources that way. Carol Swain’s comments are indeed damning.

    The “elite” of the press and parties, to paraphrase Steve Martin in Roxanne, want it all and wrapped up in a pretty “inoffensive” package. Congratulations they got their wrapping which was more important than the contents.

    The Leftists stole the election fair and square, via a multitude of methods and we are left holding-on hoping to be able to repair the damage when the opportunity happens. Provided we have conservatives with spines in place.


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