¡Cuba Libre! con Alberto de la Cruz

The Conservatarians welcome Alberto de la Cruz, Managing Editor of Babalú Blog and expert on the Castro crime family’s hijacking of Cuba. “Insipid apparatchik” Miguel Diaz-Canel has been selected to replace Raúl Castro as warden of the island prison — should we expect changes or more of the same? Jon and Stephen then discuss the latest speech criminal, Prof. Randa Jarrar of Fresno State, whose job is in jeopardy for her ugly Barbara Bush tweets.

The intro/outro music is “Sinner in the Sea” by Calexico. Stephen’s song of the week is “Never Ever” by Lord Huron, and Jon’s is “Watch You, Watch Me” by Suuns. To listen to all the music featured on The Conservatarians, subscribe to our Spotify playlist!

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  1. DonG Coolidge

    Good show.    A question for the Cuba aware folks; recently Emma Gonzalez was in the news wearing an olive drab jacket with a Cuban flag.  (see podium image)   I think that sends a message about being pro-Castro.  Does it??

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  2. Lois Lane Coolidge
    Lois Lane

    I really enjoyed this show.  I have been wondering about the regime “change.” 

    I am also totally with your guest when it comes to people who want to see Cuba “before it changes.”  

    I have been to Cuba on a university visa, and it is a weirdly beautiful, completely crumbling hell hole.  

    I took all the soap from my hotel rooms and passed that out in the streets.  

    Why do people like socialism/communism?  

    I have never understood this impulse to shift left, but Che never seemed romantic to me… Even when I was a teenager, he looked like just another monster in a jaunty beret.  


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  3. I Walton Member
    I Walton

    Thanks, there is little coverage about Venezuela or anywhere south of Mexico even though the criminal enterprise he correctly calls Cuba is a real threat to us as well as Venezuela’s neighbors.   We have never been able to take Latin America seriously enough to actually learn about it and our policies have been at best clumsy.  There was one recent exception and that was our ability to work with Colombian President Uribe to crush the narco terrorists and send the drug business to Venezuela, Central American and Mexico.  Thanks to Cuba, Venezuela, the Santos regime  and dozens of naive and not so naive Americans the drugs and the narco terrorists are back.

    I think we must be engaged but this time carefully and with regional support if not leadership because Venezuela’s neighbors are beginning to wake up to the threat.  The left has not declined, it’s just had to take it’s one step backwards and it is being funded and controlled by the  Narco state Cuba and it’s pulpit (my computer changed puppet to pulpit but I decided to leave it that way) in Venezuela and rich Americans.

    We can lift the embargo as we zero in on the criminal activity, but and here is the big but,  we must make it illegal for any American or American enterprise to directly or indirectly enter business with the Cuban government or any Cuban government front.  So they’ll naturally form some arms length fronts and those can gradually carve out wiggle room.   Or not, it’s just PR that helps point out that the Castros  own everything

    The attention must be on the narcotics and human trafficking businesses, but not on interdiction, rather on the people engaged and on the money.  Secondly we must have a demand reduction program in the US as it is impossible to stop narcotics on the supply side.  We must drive the price and profits down and arrest and impose costs on anyone engaged in any form, even casual users.  Users don’t have to go to jail, just lose their drivers licenses and do a little visible community service. or pay fines.  Until we’re ready to do that we’re not serious and we haven’t been serious since the war on drugs began.

    As to  Cuban and Venezuelan, Ecuadorian ( do not forget Hamas) and Colombian criminal networks, the US can help with intelligence, active training, and equipment not to mention extradition.  Colombia will elect a conservative in May who has focused on the economy and on the peace accord signed by Santos with support by the left around the world and the US including Soros (left? who knows what drives that man) and we and any other serious governments should be prepared to follow the new Colombian president’s lead in going after the booming new drug and violence that the peace accord has fostered.

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  4. Bishop Wash Member
    Bishop Wash

    DonG (View Comment):

    Good show. A question for the Cuba aware folks; recently Emma Gonzalez was in the news wearing an olive drab jacket with a Cuban flag. (see podium image) I think that sends a message about being pro-Castro. Does it??

    It might have been Stephen Miller on a previous episode who said Emma has Cuban roots and maybe people shouldn’t read too much into her jacket. Tough to put it aside with the positions she’s taking.

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