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amelia-hamiltonRicochet Editor-in-Chief Jon Gabriel and KTAR-FM’s Jim Sharpe welcome writer Amelia Hamilton to explain the impact of school choice on Big Education and liberals’ unhinged reaction to her updating of “Little Red Riding Hood” for the NRA. Jon and Jim also discuss Planet 9, polonium-210, and the delicious Pollo Asado combo platter at El Chapo’s Mexican Hideout.

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Music is “Step On” by Happy Mondays, Photoshop by Jon, and thanks to KTAR for the kind use of their studio.

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Published in: Education, Politics

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  1. Ansonia Member

    It was great hearing Amelia Hamilton !

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  2. Percival Thatcher

    NRA fairy tales?  We need NRA nursery rhymes!

    Hickory dickory dock
    The mouse pulled out its Glock
    It cranked off a round
    ‘Cause it dug the sound
    Hickory dickory dock.

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  3. Full Size Tabby Member
    Full Size Tabby

    I like the bumper music. It’s upbeat, and has a self-contained sound with a beginning and an end. (But then I may not be the desired demographic – older middle aged white male.)

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  4. Full Size Tabby Member
    Full Size Tabby

    Before charter schools and vouchers became a thing, we saw the benefits to the public school when there is realistic competition – the public school was better because it had to compete for students.

    When our children were beginning elementary school 20 – 25 years ago in Orange County, California, the local school drew in part from our part of town, but most of its area was an extremely wealthy part of town. The parents in that part of town could generally afford to send their children to private school, and there were several good private schools in the area. When we arrived to enroll our children in the public school, it was clear that the school faculty and administration were quite conscious that they were competing with the private schools. We saw them turn that consciousness into continual effort to stay on top of their game, and provide a school experience that the wealthy parents would choose (if the student went to a private school, the public school lost funding associated with that student). Vouchers and other mechanisms to introduce real competition can help the local public school be better. Why should only the wealthy benefit from the good public schools that competition produces?

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  5. Rightfromthestart Coolidge

    The left observes a kind of domestic Brezhnev Doctrine  in which having gotten hold of some area they then expect to hold it forever and react violently , even insanely to any attempt at rollback. Thus their reaction to charter schools , home schooling, and even Amelia’s fairy tales. They fight to the death for every inch no matter how ridiculous, Cowboy Poetry Festivals , Planned Parenthood funding, SIEU , Acorn, ethanol subsidies, mohair subsidies and on and on.  One reason why the federal government can never be cut back is because Democrats make Republicans bleed over every dime, in this area there is no ‘hands across the aisle’, no bipartisan agreement, no compromise. Republicans are always trying to ‘make a deal’ with people who never budge an inch.

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  6. jmelvin Member

    I was just listening to this episode and was quite amused at Amelia’s revision of the old kids’ stories.  The particular reason this amused me so, is that I have been trying desperately to recall these old stories to retell to my 2 month old daughter.  At best I can recall the broad frame of the stories, but I know I don’t always like the endings.  Just a couple weeks ago I took on the Three Little Pigs and in the end one of the pigs offed the big bad wolf with a rifle.  The pigs went about their business, the townspeople were rid of the terrible wolf (my addition), and everyone was safe again!

    At the least it was amusing to this formerly homeschooled guy, who is now an adult gun-toter.

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