Another Week, Another White House Firing

Jon Gabriel (@ExJon) and Stephen Miller (aka @RedSteeze) chat about falling statues, the alt-left vs. the alt-right, and the firing of Steve Bannon.

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There are 5 comments.

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  1. MAW Member

    Your podcast often cuts off before the end, at least on iTunes. Please fix. Love the podcast.

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  2. Columbo Member

    Nice imagery. Suggestion … you might cut back on the Red Bull a little.

    • #2
  3. Western Chauvinist Member
    Western Chauvinist

    I blame it on the Klavanless weekend…

    • #3
  4. Arahant Member

    The Southern Saltire (diagonal cross) or battle flag of the Army of Tennessee is not “The Stars and Bars.”

    Every time someone calls the battle flag “The Stars and Bars,” Trump wins. Do you guys want Trump to win? (Silly, but why not?)

    • #4
  5. kylez Member

    Apparently there are 6 monuments in Arizona. One was defaced on Monday.

    This reminds me there was a battle in Arizona.

    • #5
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