This week, we’re going to talk about a crisis that strikes at the heart of our country, our society, and ultimately, our families — the boy crisis.

An absence of fathers is a primary driver in this dilemma, one exacerbated by the left’s push to dismantle the concept of family as we fundamentally understand it.

As we address this boy crisis, it becomes increasingly clear just how desperately our culture needs men — men guided by truth, who love their families, and take responsibility for bettering this country.

So how do we reclaim boys, men, and ultimately families as an institutional building block of society? We’re tackling just that with Terry Schilling.

Terry serves as president of the American Principles Project, an organization dedicated to making the family the most well-represented special interest group here in our nation’s capital. PLUS: Reactions to woke children’s books — books the left are employing in their attempt to radicalize your kids.


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