In just a little over a year, Joe Biden has created the worst immigration crisis our country has ever faced. When he came into office, he went to work immediately uprooting and upending so many effective policies that were working to keep our border secure.


We’ve seen men, women, and young children trafficked across the border by violent smugglers and drug cartels who extort them, abuse them, and even kill them.


What’s more — the crisis has opened the floodgates to a surge of deadly drugs like fentanyl, which have become a serious problem in cities and towns across our land.


Simply put, Biden’s policies have sent a message to the rest of the world—a message that says America’s borders are wide open, and that lawbreaking is tolerated, and in some cases, rewarded.


Joining us to break down just how bad things have become — and guidance on how we can shore up this influx of crime and — are Congressman Brian Babin and the former head of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Mark Morgan.


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