Big Tech is bent on pushing a left-leaning agenda, inching us ever closer to a reality where those they disagree with — often conservatives — have their liberties hampered.


Their influence has spread to high echelons of government and continually deeper into our lives as our world becomes more and more integrated with the digital space.


As we’ve seen in the case of the Freedom Convoy truckers in Canada, something as simple as banking and purchasing power can be stripped away from citizens in this digital era.


Unfortunately, this problem isn’t bound to Canada, but has cropped up in the United States as well.


Joining us to confront the ugly reality of Big Tech’s ever tightening grip on our lives — on our speech, our politics, and even our commerce — and etch out how we can push back is Erick Finman, an entrepreneur who became a millionaire as a teenager building a multi-million dollar cryptocurrency company.


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