In his remarks to the third National Conservatism Conference on September 12, 2022, Heritage President Dr. Kevin Roberts argues that Three mortal threats besiege the West:


• The Stalinist cult of Wokeism;

• The Chinese Communist Party’s genocidal regime in Beijing, and;

• The globalist, technocratic elite that profits off both by surveilling, de-platforming, and dehumanizing anyone who resists their pharisaic tyranny.


Kevin shares that his conservative worldview was forged in childhood — his hometown of Lafayette, Lousiana, and his own family besieged by the early signs of our nation’s social decay, volunteering for Pat Buchanan’s presidential campaign, and ultimately forging a future in academia.


As the current President of the Heritage Foundation, Dr. Roberts closes with a question — a rallying cry: “What time is it in America? It’s time to fight, just like it’s always been.”


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