The Heritage Foundation celebrates its 50th anniversary Thursday, February 16, and Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts is reflecting on the leading conservative think tank’s success over the past five decades.


“There are a lot of ways I would put that, but I think most succinctly it would be [that] Heritage has always been willing without fail to state the truth, even in those times when stating the truth comes with some risk,” Roberts says in an interview with “The Daily Signal Podcast.”


“In other words, … often stating the truth about fiscal restraint or the lack thereof, stating the truth about America’s social and cultural weakness, stating the truth about violating federalism,” he says.


Roberts became president of The Heritage Foundation in October 2021 after serving for five years as president and CEO of the Texas Public Policy Foundation in Austin, Texas. (The Daily Signal is Heritage’s multimedia news organization.)


Roberts joined “The Daily Signal Podcast” to discuss Heritage’s success since its founding in 1973, what he hopes to see the think tank accomplish over the next five decades, and how he, as Heritage president, is working to build the think tank’s role in the conservative movement as America’s outpost in Washington.


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