Saboor Sakhizada, Afghan Translator: Traitor or Patriot?

Last week on JobMakers, we met Abdul Saboor Sakhizada, a former translator, instructor and manager for the U.S. Army in Afghanistan, now living with his family in upstate New York. He spoke about life as a child of war, and what it was like in the front lines alongside U.S. troops, including Fox News contributor Pete Hegseth. This week, Abdul reveals that he is actively trying to evacuate fellow Afghan interpreters and their families, including his own baby brother, and he gives us his thoughts on the U.S. withdrawal, paints a picture of who these Afghan refugees are, and entreats Americans to reject the false rhetoric, and get to know these new Americans, in this final edition of a two-part special of JobMakers.


Abdul Saboor Sakhizada grew up in Afghanistan, and studied world affairs and other subjects at Syracuse University. He has taught in multiple settings, from military missions to refugee resettlement, and managed diverse teams that developed programs and advocated for the most vulnerable. He has communicated across different cultures, through professional experiences with NGOs, IGOs, and in military and civil society. Outside of work, he has facilitated and created opportunities for cultural interaction, coached soccer, and volunteered to mentor and interpret for newly arrived refugees in upstate New York.

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