I’m Sarah Lee, and this is the Influence Watch podcast. With me today is my colleague Ryan Mauro, an expert on terror funding and the movements of terror cells across the Middle East and around the world. It’s good he’s with us today because last week, as the world watched in horror as violent terrorists aligned with Hamas led an incursion into Israel from Gaza and committed mass murder of unsuspecting Israeli civilians living near the border. Some of the discussion centered on terrorism funding in the aftermath. Everything from the Biden administration’s 6 billion dollar transfer to Iran, to the money behind pro-palestinian campus protests are in question. Joining Ryan and me today to discuss a series of articles on terror funding he wrote for the Washington Examiner BEFORE the Hamas massacre – articles that got the ear of Congress and actually led to significant changes – is investigative reporter Gabe Kaminsky.


PayPal becomes third payment processor to stop working with Palestinian terror-tied group

Major payment processor works with left-wing charity tied to Palestinian terrorism

Alliance for Global Justice (AFGJ)

Massachusetts Mapping Project Linked to Terrorists

Palestinian terror-tied group booted from new online fundraising platform

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