The private automobile defined post-World War II America, liberating the masses from the regimentation of railroad schedules and the limitations of foot transportation. But the left has never liked the motorcar, or at least the social changes it brought. It liberated middle-class Americans from core-city governments by expanding the suburbs, helped turn renters into homeowners, and lessened public dependence on unionized government workers in city mass-transit systems. And so it has always been a target of the radical wing of the left, which seeks every weapon to hand to limit the twentieth-century freedoms the car offers. Today, my colleague Ken Braun and I welcome Diana Furchtgott-Roth, the director of the Center for Energy, Climate, and Environment at the Heritage Foundation, to discuss the Biden administration’s war on cars.


Emissions-free Electric Vehicles Are a Fantasy

Biden EPA’s EV Quotas Would Take Away Americans’ Freedom of Choice of Vehicles, Enrich China

Targeting Toyota for Its Electric-Vehicle Heresy

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