If I could provide just one piece of free advice in public advocacy, it’s this: Don’t openly say you messed up on an on-record call with a reporter—you might as well be bleeding in a tank full of piranhas. But the principal officer of Fix the Court, a liberal organization spun out of the Arabella Advisors “dark money” empire advancing “transparency” changes to the Supreme Court as part of a liberal full-court press towards “packing” the court with additional left-wing rubber-stamp votes, did just that on a call with today’s guest, Gabe Kaminsky of the Washington Examiner. Also joining us is my colleague Parker Thayer, who reported on some financial non-transparency at Fix the Court.


Fix the Court May Have Financial Disclosure Problems

Supreme Court ‘transparency’ charity director panics over IRS donor leak: ‘I just f***ed up’

Supreme Court ‘transparency’ group hammered by Judiciary GOP over IRS donor blunder

Disinformation Inc: Meet the groups hauling in cash to secretly blacklist conservative news

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