I’m Sarah Lee, and this is the Influence Watch podcast. With news last month that Visa and Mastercard had paused a plan to track gun purchases, and last year’s SCOTUS decision that struck down a New York law that put restrictions on concealed firearms used for self-defense, conservatives seem to be winning on the gun issue. In fact, more women and minorities – and even progressives – are buying guns for self-defense. The Wall Street Journal reported in 2021 that during the COVID pandemic, gun sales soared, and more than half of those buyers were women. Joining my colleague Mike Watson and me today is Dianna Muller, the founder of DC Project, a women-focused guns rights nonprofit in DC with chapters all over the country dedicated to fighting for the constitutional right to self-defense. Hi Dianna, welcome to the show.


DC Project Women for Gun Rights

DC Project Women for Gun Rights – Dianna Muller – Founder

Visa, Mastercard pause decision to track gun shop purchases

Women Are Nearly Half of New Gun Buyers, Study Finds

Supreme Court strikes down New York gun law, expanding concealed carry rights

The Policies of Gun Control Advocacy

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