This week we come to you from the meeting of the American Conservation Coalition, a right-of-center environmental organization and talk to New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu.

Sununu is currently running for his fourth 2-year term as the Executive of the Granite State and we touch on a variety of issues roiling the news cycle: abortion, redistricting, inflation, the environment and, of course, Donald Trump’s continuing influence on the Republican Party.

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  1. I Walton Member
    I Walton

    I don’t find the discussion credible.  First do you know what the total energy and other costs are for your fuel efficient car?   Does it come at all close to using gas or gasoline were we actually serious about producing efficient fossil fuels?  If there is a net fuel savings, what is the impact given the gas, gasoline, fuel oil, coal,  and other products used in the EU and other places ineptly racing for bio fuels.  Do we humans, with our imperfect knowledge about everything and hundreds of different interests, actually have any idea what we’re doing and who it benefits?  I’m sorry, if there is a problem and we’re the only major country actually trying to move away from fossil fuels what on earth difference are we making?  You’re being manipulated, maybe in a good direction, but we can’t know and if there is a problem the best way to get the world moving in that direction is to beat the hell out of them with our efficient gas and oil based fuel.  

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  2. EJHill Podcaster

    I WaltonI don’t find the discussion credible. First do you know what the total energy and other costs are for your fuel efficient car? 

    If you want a really good education on EVs and why they’re really not the answer they’re being sold as check out episodes of The Last Optimist.

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  3. I Walton Member
    I Walton

    EJHill (View Comment):

    I had listened to it.  I don’t know anything about these things.  All I know is that if we subsidize purchasing and owning, it leads us astray.  By all means subsidize R and D at least some, at the state level so there’s some competition and restrictions.  Government expenditure is always a problem because the people who control it, with time, become corrupt.  Not everyone, just those who manage to take over and in a country as large and as complex as the US, corruption will be bigger and more damaging.    When electric cars can make it big on their own, they will, but won’t replace gasoline and  even the insanity pushing the elimination of gasoline, won’t eliminate it and if we move too grandly and rapidly toward batteries, we will harm stuff we don’t even know about yet.   When we allow the top to take over anything, be it gasoline, batteries, vitamins, drugs etc. It’ll corrupt.

    Bottom up was the secret of our success.  Top down is the secret of the collapse of every country that ever existed.


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