The Heartland Institute’s Donald Kendal, Jim Lakely, and Chris Talgo present episode 439 of the In The Tank Podcast. The electric vehicle industry can not catch a break. There have been a number of stories coming out highlighting the “sluggish” sales of electric vehicles over the past few months. But now, a recent study is challenging the very idea that electric cars are better for the environment. Additionally, a massive Tesla plant in Germany was apparently the target of ecoterrorism.


NYT – 5 Takeaways From Super Tuesday: Trump Wins and Haley Exits

ABC News – Nikki Haley suspends 2024 campaign, doesn’t endorse Donald Trump

Primary Topic = Electric Vehicles Are Worse For The Environment

WSJ – Electric Cars Emit More Particulate Pollution

Daily Mail – Electric cars release more toxic emissions than petrol-powered vehicles and are worse for the environment

Emissions Analytics – Gaining traction, losing tread Pollution from tire wear now 1,850 times worse than exhaust emissions

Fox News – Stop Chinese EVs before they destroy our auto industry

CNN – How EVs became such a massive disappointment

Fortune – Elon Musk’s German Tesla plant suffers close to $1 billion in damages after attack by the ‘dumbest ecoterrorists on earth’

Davos Watch = ESG Fails in Europe

Forbes – Vote On EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Law Falls Short, March 15 Deadline Looms

Euro News – Euroviews. CSDDD: A tale of corporations hijacking the EU’s democratic process

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