The Heartland Institute’s Donald Kendal, Jim Lakely, and Chris Talgo present episode #308 of the In The Tank Podcast. The ITT crew talks about how the UN IPCC climate report quickly left the public discourse, how Biden is taking serious political hits from the unfolding Afghanistan debacle, and how inflation continues to rise in the United States of America.


Axios – Biden’s climate communications challenge

Heartland Institute (press release) – Heartland Institute Reacts to ‘Alarmist’ UN IPCC Climate Report

Heartland Institute (video) – New IPCC Climate Change Report Released – Should We Trust It?

(Oct 15-17) 14thInternational Conference on Climate Change


Washington Post – Biden Blames other for swift collapse in Afghanistan defends his decision to withdraw troops

The Atlantic – Biden’s Betrayal of Afghans Will Live in Infamy

(video) Don Lemon: Biden Can’t Say the ‘Buck Stops with,’ if he won’t blame himself for Afghan Disaster

CNN – Democrats grapple with Afghanistan fallout afer Biden administration ignored their previous warmings

Reuters – Biden approval drops to lowest of 7-month presidency after Taliban takeover

NYP – Female Kamala Harris Allies Hold ‘Crisis Dinner’ on Veep’s Negative, ‘Sexist’ Press

(video) – Biden denies Taliban takeover of Afghanistan is likely

National Review – Biden Took Ownership of the Disastrous Afghanistan Withdrawal Months Ago

WSJ – Biden Wanted to Leave Afghanistan. He Knew the Risks.


Washington Examiner – July inflation report is bad news for consumers – again

Townhall – As Inflation Concerns Rise, Democrats march Forward with Record Spending Bills

Washington Times – Democrats unveil largest spending bill in U.S. history

The Hill – Biden misunderstands basic economics

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