The Heartland Institute’s Donald Kendal, Jim Lakely, Linnea Lueken, and the Center on the American Experiment’s Isaac Orr present episode 336 of the In The Tank Podcast. On this episode, the ITT crew talks the rise in gas prices and the Biden Administration’s contradictory responses to the increases. From promoting green energy and recommending electric vehicles, to buying more oil from Saudi Arabia and touting increased oil production in the U.S., the Biden Administration seems to be scrambling.


USA Today – Gas prices jump 8 cents one day after breaking record; diesel prices now highest ever

WSJ – What Surging Gas Prices Mean for You


Politico – White House is pressed on potential oil deals with Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Iran

Daily Caller – Psaki Says Higher Gas Prices Show Need for Green Transition

NYP – Biden drags feet on Russian oil ban as WH says Keystone XL pipeline is irrelevant

Washington Times – Harris, Buttigieg criticized for being ‘tone-deaf’ on energy

CNET – Elon Musk Calls For Increased Nuclear Power, Oil and Gas Production

The Hill – The American Conundrum with Electric Cars


Bloomberg – European Industry Starts Shutting Down as Energy Prices Soar

The Hill – Investigate Russia’s covert funding of US anti-fossil fuel groups

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