The Heartland Institute’s Donald Kendal, Jim Lakely, and Chris Talgo present episode 313 of the In The Tank Podcast. This week, the ITT crew talks about the painfully unfunny lineup of late night talk shows and their recent “Climate Night.” They discuss the failure of this event and discuss the climate and energy topics they neglected to bring up.


The shows have essentially become scripted propaganda

Sometimes they literally have the same script

Late Night Coordinates for climate action

Federalist – ‘Climate Night’ Was Just As Condescendingly Cringey As Expected

Trevor Noah had Greta Thunberg as a guest.

Washington Post – At U.N., Biden calls for unity in addressing pandemic and climate change


In The Tank ep205 – Wind and Solar Energy Are Terrible

Cost compared to reliable energy –

“Days of 10-fold increases to efficiency are over” –

Land area and resource usage are high –

Environmentally toxic – waste material –

Curbing CO2 in US will do nothing to reverse global levels – China’s output –

Temp impacts of zero-emissions objective insignificant – AEI GND study = 0.173c by 2100. –

Cost of energy for people –

Reliability –

Regressive nature of rising energy costs – hurts the poor –

Climate Change is an excuse for alarmists / Societal change –

Socialism – GND –

WEF – Christine Lagarde on how to address COVID-19, climate change and inequality

The Hill – China seeks to extend critical minerals monopoly with help of Taliban

Yahoo Finance – Rare Earth Metals: A Testament to China’s Economic Power

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