The Heartland Institute’s Donald Kendal, Jim Lakely, and Nate Myers present episode 301 of the In the Tank Podcast. The ITT crew talks about Independence Day, beer taxes in your state, and the new COVID-19 Delta variant. Is this new strain of COVID more dangerous than the original? … probably not.


Tax Foundation – How High are Beer Taxes in Your State?

ABC7 Chicago – Fireworks displays, July 4th celebrations, a mixed bag for northwest suburbs this year

COVID 2.0?

NYT – Masks Again? Delta Variant’s Spread Prompts Reconsideration of Precautions

The Federalist – Ben Domenech: We Must Resist Resurgence Of Lockdown Lunacy Over COVID Delta Variant

Huffington Post – Is It Hay Fever Or The Delta Variant? How to Tell the Difference

National Review – Our Cruel COVID Class System


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