Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has decided to open up his state 100% and throw the mask mandate on the ash heap of history. The left, the media, and mask worshippers are losing their minds. Meanwhile, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is in trouble after multiple allegations of sexually harassing younger female staffers — which might have made it easier for the legislature to remove the dictatorial “emergency” powers he has wielded like an incompetent emperor for a year. The ITT crew also wonders why six Dr. Seuss books have to be canceled and destroyed, rather than just amended for more-sensitive modern audiences.

Texas gov. lifts mask mandate, opens businesses


Are Mask Mandates Crumbling?


Death rates from coronavirus (COVID-19) in the United States


Heart Disease Mortality by State


6 Dr. Seuss books won’t be published for racist images


In Defense of Dr. Seuss


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