The Heartland Institute’s Donald Kendal, Justin Haskins, and Jim Lakely are joined by Isaac Orr for episode 270 of the In The Tank Podcast. “The Great Reset” was trending recently after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau voiced his support for the World Economic Forum’s plan to “reset” capitalism. The ITT crew breaks down this plot and shows how it will irreparably damage the global free market system.
(video) Justin Trudeau calls for the great “reset”
Stopping Socialism – 30 of the Craziest Quotes Supporting the Anti-Capitalism ‘Great Reset’ by World Leaders
The Hill – Introducing the ‘Great Reset,’ world leaders’ radical plan to transform the economy
WEF – Toward Common Metrics and Consistent Reporting of Sustainable Value Creation
(video) Biden calls for the end of the “era of shareholder capitalism”
The Blaze – Commentary: Joe Biden has deep ties to the radical ‘Great Reset’ movement and its globalist leaders
WEF – 8 Predictions for the World in 2030
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  1. Joker Member


    The reset would lock in the economic inequality that the libs are always griping about. And the very wealthy remain very wealthy indefinitely ie outlaw all spreadsheets not named Microsoft.

    We already see huge controversies about unequal application of the law as General Flynn gets hounded out of his life savings by selective prosecution for a minor offense while a cabal of highly placed law enforcement types pay no price for actual sedition. Well, this reset will just codify this type of discrepancy.

    The ultimate failure of socialism is that there will always be an element that opposes the system. Instead of a discussion where ideas are tested and measured and adopted, opposition is forcefully suppressed.

    Jerks like Kerry, who could not attain power through the persuasive process of winning an election, can actually seize that power by staying on the right side whatever other poobah. I think we have a pretty clear idea of what that looks like in practice. The EU governs by fiat, and they’re not my fiats. One man, one vote, one time – maybe.

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    • November 22, 2020, at 7:46 AM PST
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