Spring Fever With Clark Griffith

It’s a special midweek edition of HWX, with Brian Ward of Fraters Libertas and Paul Happe of the Nihilist in Golf Pants reconvening to discuss the critical issues of the day. Topics addressed include:

  • The looming tax deadline and the odds that we got our returns correct.
  • The looming announcement of Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy and our attempt to play by the Hillary rules of appropriate discourse.
  • the Indiana religious freedom imbroglio and the rapidly changing, and quickening pace of societal change.
  • The return of This Week in Gate Keeping with the Rolling Stone correction and lack of contrition.

We also talked some baseball with Minnesota’s grand man of the game, former Twins co-owner Clark Griffith. He opines on the current state of the game and reminisces about the old days with the Washington Senators and stealing items from Harry Truman’s desk

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