HWXIt’s a special Thursday night edition of the Hinderaker Ward Experience (HWX), with John Hinderaker of Power Line and Brian Ward of Fraters Libertas reconvening to discuss the critical issues of our time.  Topics addressed include:

 The curious case of Bowe Bergdahl, who is he and why didn’t the Obama administration seem to know or care?

*  Senate Democrats launching a broadside against the First Amendment

*  Getting physical with a Presidential work out

*  This Week in Gatekeeping, getting to the truth behind the real Charles Murray

They were also joined by economist, provocateur, and author Aaron Clarey. They discuss his unique position at the confluence of realist (some would say nihilist) libertarianism and the manosphere and talk about his recent books, Enjoy the Decline and Bachelor Pad Economics. It’s a blunt, entertaining discussion, and pending Blue Yeti’s post production editing ability, for adults only!

All feedback welcome in the comments section, hope you enjoy.

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  1. Nick Stuart Inactive
    Nick Stuart

    It really doesn’t matter if that story about Charles Murray was false. Or that it was corrected. It’s in the meme-o-sphere now and we can look for it to turn up from time to time as gospel fact about those evil Republican war-on-womyn racist xenophobic homophobes.

    It’s how the Leftists roll.

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  2. andrew@wrightarchitecture.net Inactive

    Nice job gents.

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