Inez Stepman speaks with Barbara Estrada and Hanna Liubakova, two journalists fighting to get the word out about the Cuban protests for libertad and the year-long struggle in Belarus to peacefully oust “the last dictator in Europe.”


Each has played a critical role in getting news from the Cuban and Belarusian protests out, respectively. They share which stories of courage or brutality have touched them the most, and offer suggestions for what those of us in the West can do to help protestors risking their lives for freedom.


These interviews are presented together on High Noon for purposes of both solidarity and warning. American exceptionalism is rooted in our Constitution, our culture, and our people. If we destroy what’s exceptional about America, nothing will stop the tyranny that still holds sway so many places all over the world—just 90 miles offshore or on the other side of the globe—from establishing itself here.

High Noon is an intellectual download featuring conversations that make possible a free society. Inviting interesting thinkers from all parts of the political spectrum to discuss the most controversial subjects of the day in a way that hopes to advance our common American future.


Hosted by Inez Stepman of Independent Women’s Forum.


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