Ben Weingarten, editor at large at RealClearInvestigations and Senior Contributor to The Federalist, joins the podcast to run through his reporting on revelations about January 6th, the Twitter Files, and Covid origin hearings. Together, these three stories, with smoking guns revealed through public documents and testimony, represent three different bases – domestic terrorism, foreign interference, and public health, respectively – to turn law enforcement and a public-private censorship apparatus against Americans expressing their views as citizens on domestic politics. It’s the new structure of governance we live under, and if not dismantled, it’s likely to extend to silencing crimethink on any number of other topics. Ben and Inez go through what has been revealed in the last two weeks about each topic, and then discuss the impact to rule of law and freedom of speech, as well as what ought to be done about it.

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Hosted by Inez Stepman of Independent Women’s Forum.


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