Everyone is talking about sky-high gas prices. $5/gallon is hitting all of us where it hurts. On this episode, Heritage Foundation Executive Vice President, Derrick Morgan helps us understand why the left’s proposed solutions to lowering sky-high gas prices are just gimmicks and do nothing to fix the actual problem. Instead, the Biden Administration should pursue and developing the abundant natural resources this great nation has.  

Show Notes:

We Don’t Need a Costly, Mandated Detour to Electric Cars – https://www.heritage.org/coal-oil-natural-gas/commentary/we-dont-need-costly-mandated-detour-electric-cars

The Real Culprit Behind the Gasoline Supply Crunch – https://www.heritage.org/coal-oil-natural-gas/commentary/the-real-culprit-behind-the-gasoline-supply-crunch

High Gas Prices: The Pain Is the Point – https://www.heritage.org/coal-oil-natural-gas/commentary/high-gas-prices-the-pain-the-point

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