The ongoing Nuclear Posture Review gives the Biden Administration the opportunity to align policy, strategy, and capabilities against the current threat environment. As part of this process, the Administration is reportedly considering changing U.S. nuclear declaratory policy from one of strategic ambiguity to one of “no first use” or “sole purpose.” Under a “no first use” or “sole purpose” policy, the United States would pledge never to use nuclear weapons first in a conflict, including in response to chemical, biological, cyber, or massive conventional attacks on the U.S. or its allies. While proponents of such a change argue that “no first use” or “sole purpose” would help the U.S. achieve its nonproliferation goals, this change could have grave impacts on U.S. extended deterrence commitments.

On December 7, hear directly from esteemed speakers from the U.S. and abroad on the implications of changes in U.S. nuclear declaratory policy on both U.S. national security and extended deterrence.


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