Violence begets violence. And so, the intimate violence of abortion, which severs the most natural bond in the world between a mother and a child, would of course create a more brutal society where innocent human life is dismissed as a choice.

At this moment in American history where Roe v. Wade may be coming to an end, the struggle to end the civil rights issue of our day—abortion—is far from over. The culture of death has lied to Americans—most especially and cruelly women—and, as Ryan T. Anderson and Alexandra DeSanctis put it in their new book, Tearing Us Apart, abortion is a poison in our country’s bloodstream that hurts, not helps. Women, and certainly innocent, voiceless unborn babies, deserve better than abortion.

Join us as Anderson and DeSanctis share how we can change hearts and minds to come to treasure motherhood and the life in a mother’s womb. A book signing will follow the discussion.


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