Ready or not, COVID-19 swept across the globe and utterly changed the landscape of the world’s workforce. For those accustomed to a shared physical workspace, this disease has changed where we do our work—now, primarily from home—and how we communicate with one another. Now that most Americans have been subject to stay-at-home orders for over a month and are adjusting to the new normal of remote work, it’s a good time to assess the situation. How can managers support their dispersed teams so that they don’t simply survive, but actually thrive in this time?

Join us for a virtual conversation with a panel of managers experienced in leading remote teams.

We will discuss how you can:

• Create essential structures so that your team understands how you expect them to operate in this environment

• Become a better leader by keeping your staff focused, motivated, and on-track

• Increase connectedness and reduce confusion with your remote team


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