The National Independent Panel on Military Service and Readiness was formed in October 2022 and tasked with identifying policies or practices in the Defense Department that reduce military readiness and recommending remedies. After months of review and research, the eight-member panel is today releasing their findings that conclude that issues of low recruiting and retention can be traced in part to the increasing politicization in the military, to include a sweeping embrace of a diversity, equity, and inclusion ideology, the lowering of entrance and occupational standards for the sake of inclusion, and the blatant support of partisan goals like increased access to abortion. The panel provided multiple recommendations designed to restore the warfighting ethos in the military. Our national security depends on a military geared toward fighting and winning wars, not toward advocacy for social justice.

On March 30, join us as members of the panel, including its chairman, Congressman Mike Waltz, release the Report of the National Independent Panel on Military Service and Readiness and discuss their findings and recommendations.


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