To help fight and rapidly respond to the coronavirus pandemic facing our nation, the Trump administration and state and local governments have suspended over 400 rules and regulations. These have included lifting rules to streamline testing, allowing state reciprocity for medical licenses, relaxing HIPAA requirements to allow for telemedicine, permitting non-hospital sites to be used for patient care, and even waiving restrictions for distilled spirits companies to produce much needed hand sanitizer. These are just a handful of the many burdensome rules and regulations that have been waived. Perhaps we ought to consider whether many of them were necessary in the first place. As we hopefully move beyond the current crisis in the near future, we must reconsider regulatory policies that have been proven to reduce innovation and efficiency.

Join us for a conversation with two esteemed United States Senators, as we discuss the possibility of permanently removing some of these regulatory barriers, especially in the areas of healthcare and occupational licensing.


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