After twenty years of fighting, the Taliban recaptured much of Afghanistan after the withdrawal of American forces precipitated a collapse in the Afghan Government and security forces. As the Taliban advanced on Kabul, thousands of Afghan soldiers, commandos, and security forces fled to the Panjshir Valley—a center of resistance movements in the 1980s against the Soviets and the 1990s against the Taliban.

Led by Ahmad Shah Massoud Jr., the son of the famed Lion of Panjshir who led anti-Soviet and anti-Taliban from the same valleys and mountains, the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan (NRF) was created. Panjshir remains the only province in Afghanistan not fully under the control of the Taliban.

Policy professionals won’t want to miss this update on the situation in Panjshir and the resistance movement with the NRF’s Head of Foreign Relations, Ali Nazary.


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  1. Manny Member

    I pray for this resistance.  The Taliban are pure evil.  I feel ashamed for my country for our disgraceful abandonment of our allies.  

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