Industrialized nations have faced declining marriage and birthrates for decades. What are the implications for Western Civilization if this trend is not reversed? Is there an obligation on federal and state governments to address this problem? If so, what policy levers are available, how effective are they, and what are the tradeoffs?

The Heritage Foundation has convened policy experts and social scientists to engage in a dialogue on these vital, complex questions to reveal their causes and explore potential solutions.

The opening panel, moderated by Dr. Jay Richards, will discuss the cultural aspects of family, marriage, and the importance of a thriving marital birth-rate. Roger Severino, Vice President for Domestic Policy, will host a special conversation with The Honorable Szabolcs Takács, Ambassador of Hungary to the United States, on his country’s groundbreaking policies promoting the Hungarian marital birthrate. The final panel on policy prescriptions, moderated by Paul Ray, will feature research and policy recommendations to promote the marital birthrate.

Please join us for this important conference on federal policies for strengthening marriage and family.


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