Join Heritage for an eye-opening conversation about the BLM organizations’ Marxist goals as Mike Gonzalez, author of BLM: The Making of a Marxist Revolution, and James Lindsay, founder of The New Discourses, sit down with special guest moderator Genevieve Wood.

When it comes to BLM it is best to break it down into its components. There is the concept, which no person of good will could disagree with. Then there is the movement, by which people mean different things, but it’s usually the demonstrators. Then there are the organizations that go under the BLM banner, which were founded by Marxists trained on ending the American experiment.

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The media only tell you about the first two, but not about the organizations. Mike Gonzalez, Heritage’s leading expert on critical race theory, BLM, and a variety of culture topics, has written a fascinating and important book that exposes the roots and ultimate goals of BLM’s seemingly well-intentioned movement.

This is a must-see event for concerned parents, educators, members of Congress and their staff, media, millennials, and Gen Z, alike, who want to hear the untold part of the story.


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