The U.S. Army has embarked on an ambitious campaign to modernize and transform. They have created a new Futures Command, formed cross-functional teams, and introduced new modernization priorities. Most importantly, they have elevated modernization as an overall strategic priority for the Army, commanding attention from the senior leaders. This is needed and well-conceived. However, prior Army modernization efforts – even those begun with great promise – have gone on to mixed results. How then to best increase the odds of success and ensure the preeminence of the Army for the foreseeable future?

In a new Heritage Foundation Special Report, Rebuilding America’s Military Project: The United States Army, author Thomas Spoehr provides an overview of prior Army modernization efforts and over 25 recommendations on how the Army can avoid mistakes of the past. These include the avoidance of “groupthink,” the reordering of modernization priorities, talent management, and specific recommendations on equipment. Discussion of the Army’s new Multi-Domain Concept, Army manpower, and force posture also feature prominently in the report.

Join Spoehr and veteran defense reporter Jen Judson for an overview of the report and the opportunity to explore the surrounding issues.

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