The emerging market, especially in Africa, has achieved many technological advances in the past several years. Meanwhile, China’s burgeoning fifth-generation (5G) wireless network offers developing countries faster access to the rest of the world and the ability to expand their industries with the use of digital technology. But, at what cost?

The U.S., arm-in-arm with the rest of the free world, must mitigate the risks associated with government-controlled Chinese companies deploying 5G wireless networks in emerging markets, and work to develop viable alternatives to Chinese technology. Such a presence is a clear national security threat that compromises global telecommunications and data infrastructure, and ultimately affects how countries are governed.

Beijing’s “civil-military fusion” practices must not be allowed to threaten any nation’s security. Further, the United States must meaningfully penalize Beijing’s blatant attempts to threaten America’s critical infrastructure while using its technology industry in service of state espionage.

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