The pick is in. In the 2020 Democratic vice presidential draft, former Vice President Joe Biden selects… Kamala Harris from California. Someone who was once Biden’s biggest foe in the 2020 Democratic primary has now become his greatest ally in the general election as the two seek to unite the Democratic party and oust President Trump and Vice President Pence from office. But do VP picks really matter in the grander scheme of things? Depends on who you ask. My guest today is Richard Lim, he’s the host of the historical podcast, titled, “This American President.” On today’s show, we’re going to discuss the historical significance of picking a running mate, what kind of message Biden is sending by picking Harris, and what the Democratic party may look like in the years ahead. “Hashing it Out” is a podcast hosted by Siraj Hashmi, Washington Examiner’s commentary video editor and writer. Each episode includes a political guest to offer historical context of the news and politics of the day and insight into how we got to where we are. If you want to find the deeper meaning behind current events, then “Hashing it Out” is the podcast for you.

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