To borrow an old adage, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. That has never been more appropriate for the latest line of attack by President Trump against his predecessor, dubbed simply as “Obamagate.” What is Obamagate? Trump believes it was a conspiracy to at the very least undermine his presidency, if not, completely oust him from Office in an act of subversion, a coup d’etat, if you will. Meanwhile, Trump’s critics would just chalk it up to being a conspiracy theory and move on. Who’s right in this debate? My guest today is Jerry Dunleavy, he’s a reporter covering the Justice Department for the Washington Examiner. On today’s show, we’re going to cut through a lot of the misinformation and analyze what Obamagate really is, the role Michael Flynn played in all of this, and whether former President Barack Obama really did what Trump accuses him of.

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