Southern Fried Terror

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for June 6, 2017, it’s episode 123, the Southern Fried Terror edition of the podcast coming to you this week (or so it may sound) from the moon! Todd is in Farmington Connecticut, Mike is in Palo Alto, we are recording the podcast on a Dictaphone Steampunk Victorian Recording machine. You can *hear* the history!

Our topics this week are the reaction of Theresa May to the terror attacks in London and related thoughts. As the people of Britain ask: “what concretely are you going to *do*???” May answers (unbelievably) we’re going to spy on the internet…and we are going to have uncomfortable conversations. Look, uncomfortable conversations are fine and all…but how about simply rounding up the 3000 or so top terror suspects in the U.K. and either expelling them or locking them up?

Topic number two, we veer away from our proposed topic of Bill Maher and Kathy Griffin to talk about Trump’s withdrawal (not a moment too soon) from the Paris Accords. Oh, bliss. The wounded animal screams of the armageddon profiteers are music to our ears.

We will have, as always, our shower thoughts (re-enter Bill and Kathy) and our hidden gem for the week is the Lou Reed classic, Sweet Jane.

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  1. Rightfromthestart Coolidge

    Maher, Imus and I’ll throw in Ted Danson (remember that, arriving in Blackface!) all thought they could get away with it because they’re lefties in good standing so they figured they’d get a pass because everyone knows they’re ‘down for the struggle’ , haha, not so, there are no dispensations. They’re uppity whites thinking they can get away with acting black.

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  2. Quake Voter Inactive
    Quake Voter

    Big letdown on the big question guys. ¬†Should have entitled the episode “The Pulled Punches Podcast!”

    Homegrown Islamic terrorism is a European problem, not an American phenomena, according to Todd, with no objection from Mike,

    Well, can you explain how the magic dirt of the US has produced al-Awlaki, Major Nidal, the Tsarnaevs, Omar Mateen, the San Bernadino slaughter, knife attacks in St. Cloud and Columbus, the attacks on military personnel in Little Rock and Chattanooga, and the recent police assassinations in Brooklyn and Queens followed by bomb attacks in New York and New Jersey?

    According to the FBI, almost 90% of post 9/11 radical Islamic mayhem has been committed by US citizens and permanent residents.

    Consider that the Muslim population by percentage is 500% larger in the UK, and any contention about the peaceful, prosperous, “red blooded” Americanism of recent Muslim immigrants into the US is farcical guys.

    Love the podcast but this one would be vastly improved by inserting more static into Todd’s comments this week.

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  3. Mike LaRoche Inactive
    Mike LaRoche

    The wages of Islam is death.

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