Hillie Sutton: “Go Where the Money Is”

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Podcast for Tuesday, October 11,  2016. It’s the “Hillie Sutton: Go Where the Money Is” edition with our exclusive interview with Washington Examiner’s Michael Barone. We come to you in the wake of the second presidential debate in which Donald Trump is viewed by many as having calmed the outrage connected to the release Friday of his Crotch Grab interview – which had the media in a feeding frenzy and scared Republicans running away from Donald anew. We’ll talk about the debate and we’ll discuss the Crotch Grab interview released Friday.

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  1. Eugene Kriegsmann Member
    Eugene Kriegsmann

    Another very enjoyable listen. I feel like after months of being on opposite sides we are finally back in sychronicity. On the issue of Trump’s tape, I was unsurprised by the behavior because there was nothing in his behavior on that tape that was unlike his personality as I remember it from school so many years ago. He was an insecure braggart then, and he is an insecure braggart now. Several commentators have suggested that his denial of having done the things he described will come back to haunt him. It has been a couple of days with none arriving, but I feel relatively sure that he will once again be proven a liar as he has so often in the recent past. If he does manage to turn things around in the polls, I think it will be as we used to say in the stock market, (sorry for the cliché, Todd)  a Dead Cat bounce.

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  2. Merrijane Inactive

    I like this podcast, but I think Todd is too mean to Mike.

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