Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Hello there, Lunchers one and all! Welcome again to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for February 28, 2019 it is the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels edition of the podcast with your honest and upstanding hosts, radio guy Todd Feinburg and AI guy Mike Stopa (the handsome one). We come to you every week to bring you thew’hbnia’enisn’iv42v….ooops, fell asleep there.

This week we bring you two topics, but they’re not quite what we intended. We thought to wax eloquent about the Trump-Kim summit but we were – by news breaking in our faces – sidetracked by the Cohen testimony….so we talk about that.

Then, second topic, true to advertising, is the push for reparations for African Americans to recompense, as it were, for slavery. Liz Warren jumps om the bandwagon and goes so far as to create her own, new bandwagon calling for reparations for Native Americans…because we stole it all from them….and they deserve to get some of it back…

This is a fascinating topic given the injun’s mouth from which it emanates. We discuss.

Our shower thoughts are in there (you better believe it) and our hidden gem, well, not so hidden….Todd gets angy at Mike here…is Coldplay’s I Will Fix You. Enjoy!


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  1. Joe D. Lincoln
    Joe D.

    Hmm, Elizabeth Warren wants reparations for black people now. Does that mean she is 1/512 black rather than merely 1/1024 native american?

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  2. mildlyo Member

    Was that a parody version of the final song?

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  3. Michael Stopa Contributor
    Michael Stopa

    mildlyo (View Comment):

    Was that a parody version of the final song?

    A live version, I believe.

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