Ricoh Danielson joins the podcast. Ricoh served in the Army for eight years and then another decade-plus as a private security contractor. Ricoh was involved with the initial invasion of Iraq, which took him to Ramadi on the hunt for Chemical Ali and other members Saddam’s Baath Party in the infamous Deck of Most Wanted Cards. Later on in his career post-Army as a private security contractor, Ricoh found himself in Haiti just days after the 2010 earthquake, back in Iraq, Afghanistan and throughout the Middle East, Africa and Central and South America. This was a fascinating and enlightening conversation with a man who has seen some of the most extreme conditions in the human experience. Ricoh is an entrepreneur, the author of multiple books and still very involved with helping the veteran community.
You can follow Ricoh on Instagram: @ricoh_danielson_

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  1. DJ EJ Member
    DJ EJ

    Fascinating, and sometimes horrifying stories – thank you for having Ricoh Danielson on for an interview.

    As I was listening, it struck me how different his Middle Eastern experiences as a soldier and private security contractor were from mine as an archaeologist. When it was peaceful in Syria and there was war in Iraq, I excavated in Syria (1997-2010). When civil war broke out in Syria, I excavated in Iraqi Kurdistan (2014-2019). While I’ve seen videos and read news reports of the multiple terrorist groups operating (still to this day) in northwestern Syria and the battles that have taken place there, my personal memories are still of a peaceful, idyllic, and picturesque valley and the friendly Syrian farmers that worked with us on the excavation site.

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