Retired Brigadier General Don Bolduc joins the podcast for a fascinating, candid, no-nonsense discussion of an Army career that spanned almost four decades. Bolduc’s incredible career began in the enlisted ranks and ended as Commander of Special Operations US-Africa Command. In between, Bolduc earned a degree and became an officer, then a Ranger and eventually on to Q Course and Special Operations.

Bolduc spent time at the staff level in the Pentagon and JSOC, and deployed throughout the world, including multiple combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. Bolduc was among the first US forces in the initial invasion of Afghanistan, shortly after 9/11, and linked up with then-Afghan President Hamid Karzai to help form a government and combat the Taliban and al-Qaeda. During his time in charge of US Special Operations in Africa, Bolduc instituted a program to formally provide a path to treatment for the mental, physical, and spiritual health of soldiers in his command, and has been open about his own struggles with PTSD.

Bolduc now teaches at New England College, ran in the Republican primary for US Senate from New Hampshire in 2020, and plans to run again in 2022.

You can learn more about Brig-Gen Bolduc here:
You can also find him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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  1. JennaStocker Member

    This is a great example of the depth of experiences and diversity of people that makes up our military. Even post-service, they continue to grow and work for a better country. This is an incredible story. Thank you for another great episode.

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  2. Nick Plosser Coolidge
    Nick Plosser

    Thanks much for listening and totally agree. Whatever the politics of the veteran, we have an entire generation of vets who have seen combat or been involved with the logistics of prosecuting war. That is valuable experience and we need far more of that experience in our local statehouses and in D.C. We have enough career lawyers from the Ivy League circle jerk network and J-school grads as it is. 

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