Joe Hayes served four years in the US Marine Corps and deployed twice to Iraq in the early stages of the GWOT. Joe was part of 2nd Battalion/4th Marines (Magnificent Bastards) and his first deployment took him into the heart of the Sunni Triangle and Ramadi, where he and his fire team engaged in an intense gunfight that would forever change Joe and those he served with. Joe goes into fascinating detail of that fateful April day in Ramadi and speaks with moving respect and reverence of his fellow Marines, many of whom lost their lives in the fight. After finishing his 4 years in the Corps, Joe entered civilian life and became a  police officer for over a decade. Joe’s a man of deep religious faith and speaks with great conviction and contemplation about being a Christian,  soldier, police officer, citizen, father and husband.  The thread of service runs through Joe’s life and career and his latest venture, the Day of Battle podcast, seeks to reach Marines and service members of all branches and connect them with spirituality and purpose.
You can find Joe on Instagram @dayofbattlepodcast and at his Youtube channel:

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