Col. Mike Bennett (US Army-Retired) spent 30 years in the US Army and is a graduate of Ranger School and the Special Operations Qualification Course. Mike deployed 7 times around the globe during his career and is the author of the Warlock Series, including the latest in the series, Moths to the Flame-Origin of Warlock. Mike describes his career and writing thusly,
“I plan to write a little different take on the traditional ‘spy’ novel. Oftentimes, the journey to ‘actionable intelligence’ is a long, patient slog. Sometimes, there is an elegant solution that is the culmination of rigorous engineering, other times, well, not so elegant! I see this journey through the lens of Special Forces ‘By, With and Through’ doctrine– a path that may require a recruited indigenous support asset to emplace the collection device selected for a specific job. Sometimes the entire process takes years; there is no shortcut.”
Learn more about Mike and the Warlock Series:
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